Iron County Forestry and Parks

Cross Country Ski Trails

The Iron County Forest is the location for two nordic ski trail systems:  Mecca Ski Trails in Mercer and Uller Ski Trails in Pence/Iron Belt. The Montreal Ski Trails are located in Montreal, WI.

The Mecca Trails offer more than 15 km of groomed skiing on rolling terrain along with 1.1 km loop for snowshoeing or hiking.  The trailhead, south of Mercer, has a heated log cabin with changing room and toilet.  The trails are open in spring, summer and fall for hiking and mountain biking.

The Uller Trails offer 11 miles of backcountry skiing through remote rolling and hilly terrain.  Trailheads are located in Pence on Hwy 77, Hoyt Rd about 1 mile north of Hwy 77, in Iron Belt on North Rd. and at Weber Lake.

Visit the Montreal Ski Trails website for more infomation.

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