Post storm, 2016

Saxon Harbor Campground & Marina

Saxon Harbor Marina & Campground was destroyed by a torrential rainstorm on July 11, 2016.  All facilities are closed until further notice.


Construction Update:​

4/30/2019 The marina remains under construction.  All boat landings and the entire facility, including access to the east side and breakwall, will remain closed until mid-August.  Please respect this as construction is happening in all areas and we can't expect the contractors to work around vehicles and pedestrians.

Check back for updates.


Construction Update:

4/30/2019 The campground construction is expected to begin July, 2019 and will continue throughout the summer.  The campground will not be open in 2019. 

Anticipated opening date:  May 20, 2020. 

Check back for updates.

Iron County Forestry & Parks

607 3rd Ave N ~ Suite 2

Hurley, WI  54534

office (715)561-2697

fax  (715)561-4801

Memorial Day Weekend, 2015

​​10045 County Hwy A, Saxon, WI  54559

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Iron County Forestry and Parks